Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cloud Cover

Yesterday before I ran I was observing the sky on the way over to the gym and wondered about the cloud cover. In the summer it would have been for purposes of wondering how hot it might get, but at this time of year I was thinking more about how much melting we'd get of the 12+ inches of snow that dumped on us this past Saturday. I guessed in advance that the cloud cover was maybe 65%, but then during the run I figured out with some degree of accuracy that the cloud cover was actually 42%.

You smart engineering types--how did I figure this out????

Answer after the jump....

The answer: I used the start/stop stopwatch function of my watch to time how long I was in the sun (i.e, with a strong shadow) vs. total time elapsed, and did the math in my head.

Although I am not an engineer I certainly have geek tendencies.

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