Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 Ridiculous Laws Still On The Books In The U.S.

Thanks to the Huffington Post, I had a good laugh about these ridiculous laws. 

I sorta liked #6, just because of the running connection, although I am neither a drunk driver, nor a fan of personalized license plates, nor from New Jersey.  I just can't figure out the logic for the associated "ridiculous law":  In New Jersey, Once Convicted Of Drunk Driving You May Never Again Have Personalized Plates. 

I'm betting that they'll rethink that one, because tax revenue, however small, will trump additional punishment for drunk drivers. 

Upon further thought, I suppose the reason for the law was to not so much to punish drunk drivers after the fact as it as was to create a deterrent to drunk driving in the first place. However, do you really think that somebody, about to take the drink that'll put them over the limit, will suddenly stop and say, "Whoa--if I get caught, there go my personalized plates. No effing way!" Then they put down the drink, untouched.

Number 17 is also a major winner, although I am loathe to post that particular photo here. It's definitely worth clicking through to it!

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