Monday, November 10, 2014

Focus on Bifocals...and Ultrarunning

A few weeks back I got a new pair of glasses.  Of course, I can't get the ones from Sears or someplace where you get an exam and a complete pair of lenses and frames, out the door, for the incredibly low price of $89 or something like that.

Nope, even with insurance (admittedly, quite minimal) it was several hundred more than that.  But I do get the super duper titanium (bendable) frame, transition lenses so I don't need sunglasses, UV and scratch coat protection, and lightweight progressive lenses.

It's this latter feature, where the distance vision sweet spot transitions into the close-up vision sweet spot, that has me aggravated.  I've had bifocals with progressive lenses for years (and if you don't yet,  don't worry, sometime you will),  and never recall having had so much trouble getting used to them.

If you wear glasses, you know all about this initial break-in period.  But with this pair, the problem I'm having is with the bifocal part.  I was running the other day on an uneven sidewalk; when I looked down to make sure of my footing I was still looking through the lowest "reading" section of the lens.  I and found that I had to consciously tilt my head waaaay down to bring the upper part of the lens to bear (the "distance" or top section of the lens).

It was decidedly uncomfortable, and seemingly far beyond my previous "running with bifocals" experience.

I'm sure I will adjust and the new normal will ultimately be OK, but I'm concerned over my first trail run using these guys.  It should be quite the experience.

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