Sunday, March 25, 2018

A departure from normal here today.  Some friends recently went to near Myrtle Beach, SC, where they took several images of cat sculptures for me, knowing that I am always on the lookout for Cat art for Mister Tristan (the blog, not the 10 year old human being).

Here is what Bonnie told me:

Today we visited Brookgreen Gardens near Murrells Inlet.  It is amazing and has quite a story to go with it.  One huge part showcases the work of American Sculpters and another is all about the rice plantation and the history of the slaves working in the swamps to grow rice.  The last part is a zoo with natural habitats of animals native to the area.  There is much more, but the reason I am telling you this is that we searched everywhere we visited today for sculptures of cats.  They even had a children’s garden but not many cats.  I am sending pics of some of the works I did find (mostly big cats).

Image credit Bonnie of sculpture The Lion, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Bronze, 1930, held by Brookgreen Gardens, SC.

Image credit Bonnie of sculpture The Chant, Paul Herzel, Bronze, 1914, held by Brookgreen Gardens, SC.

Image credit Bonnie of sculpture Play, George H. Snowden, Bronze, 1934, held by Brookgreen Gardens, SC.

Don't have any real insights other than these sculptures are really nice.  I particularly like the first lion above, patiently and faithfully watching over its kingdom.

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