Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fix for the U.S. Budget

From They Gave Us a Republic, a simple fix for our budget woes.  I could get behind this one, for sure. 

The solution is NOT to tinker aound the edges of only trimming discretionary spending; no, there must be increases to revenue as well. 

Somehow that basic Accounting 101 fact seems to elude our leaders.

I've got a better plan for returning the country to prosperity. Here it is.

Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq.
Cut all defense spending by 50%.
Restore all tax rates to 1981 levels - across the board.
Double the Estate Tax.
Pass a millionaire's tax.
Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction >$500,000.
Eliminate mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes.
Eliminate corporate tax loopholes.
Eliminate tax breaks for Big Oil.
Eliminate Big Farm subsidies.
Pass a carbon tax.
Pass a bank tax.

Problem solved.

Now when do I get breathlessly praised for my serious, courageous leadership?

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