Saturday, April 16, 2011

More XM Radio..."Old" Musical Instruments

I find myself listening largely to the 60s channel (conveniently, this is located on Channel 6), because this is the musical period in which I first came of age.

I keep noticing the usage of three particular musical instruments that you rarely hear in today's music: the organ, the tambourine, and the harpsichord.  Here are 3 classic examples of tunes from the 60s utilizing these instruments:

1.  Organ: look no further than the Doors, and the keyboard artistry of Ray Manzarek.  Just about any tune of theirs will do for an example, but the iconic example has to be Light My Fire.

2.  Tambourine: What else but Green Tambourine by The Lemon Pipers?

3.  Harpsichord:  How about Scarborough Fair by Simon + Garfunkel (with the added bonus that the YouTube link is from the movie The Graduate)?  Or Vanity Fare, with great harpsichord in Early in the Morning?

While I'm on the subject of XM Radio, sometimes I tune in The Coffee House Channel 51).  I just gotta ask--because it seems that every other song is by him--who the h*ll is Jack Johnson????


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