Friday, May 13, 2011

An Adult Conversation About Torture

From the blog Whiskeyfire, on how proponents of torture are crawling back out of the shadows, and the following quote from one of them:

Patterico: It's infantile to argue about whether or not torture works. Of course it does! This scene from Dirty Harry proves it.

Whiskeyfire: Yes, that's really his argument.

Patterico: So let's please stop the childish claim that waterboarding-hell, even torture-cannot be effective. And let's instead have the adult conversation about whether we as a people believe it is morally justified and if so, when.

Whiskeyfire: "Adult conversations" exclude the idea that torture can ever be morally justified.  Not that I am claiming we live in a nation run by adults. At best, vicious adolescents not half as bright as they imagine.

I gotta go with Whiskeyfire on this one.  I still cannot believe that we are even having this discussion.  The efficacy of torture?  Doesn't matter--it's just wrong, one of those things that moral people don't do.



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