Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Trees, Cats, and Ultrarunning

[photo by Gary]

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend--we always do that the Saturday immediately after Thanksgiving.

We have a regular ritual.  We go the the tree farm in October to pick and tag a tree, then return Thanksgiving Saturday to cut it and bring it home.  I put the lights and garlands around it, then push it back into the corner of the great room where we attack it with ornaments.

Mister Tristan--the 3-year old human, not the blog--really got into it this year.  Of course, when I got the stepstool to reach to the the top of the 9' tree, also climbing the stepstool became a high priority for him.

Oh, and laying under the tree becomes a priority for the cats.  This particular feline is called Amanda--Mana for short--and has staked out the under-tree region as hers.  That is, until she goes outside, in which case the area is up for grabs.

Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning?  This tree is a Douglas Fir.  Here in the East, people know it only from Christmas trees, where it is very popular because it retains its needles very well even when cut and indoors.

I can't ever forget my first time on a trail out west seeing mature, old-growth Douglas Firs in their native habitat.  I mean, these trees were real giants--6' or more thick and 150' tall--like smaller versions of a redwood.  I was in utter awe of their majesty, and couldn't help but be compelled to use my library voice when I spoke.


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