Thursday, February 23, 2012

Critters in Tuscarora State Forest (PA)...and Ultrarunning

Background first, then the photos....

My local paper ran a story a couple weeks ago about the Golden Eagle Project to document populations and possible dangers of wind turbines.  Dr. Todd Katzner of WVU is heading up the study.

Katzner's consortium of scientists and conservation groups has started using radio telemetry and automatic still and video camera setups baited with road-killed deer to discover the areas where the birds are most concentrated. Some of those cameras are set up in an undisclosed location in the Tuscarora State Forest.

The photos can be stunning. The bait draws more than eagles. Spotted so far have been coyotes, raccoons, spotted skunks, once thought to be rare, and even a fisher, a large member of the weasel family once extinct in Pennsylvania but re-introduced through a captive breeding program.

Photos from the Tuscarora camera site can be seen at

Note: the following photos come from that site, but since I rarely do Facebook I have huge problems navigating it.  I never was able to locate the fisher photo that was mentioned.

I do some running over there (next county west, some 20+ miles away).  The Tuscarora Trail goes thru this state forest.

I better keep my eyes peeled!


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