Monday, February 6, 2012

Dead Giraffes...and Ultrarunning

[photo and article credit Daily Mail]

Tourist trophy hunters are paying thousands of pounds to go and shoot giraffes with high-powered guns and bows.
The gentle giants are loved around the world for their comical appearance and gentle nature.
Just like character 'Melman' played by Friend's-star David Schwimmer in Disney's Madagascar, they are a hit with kids who love their long necks and eyelashes.
But shocking images show how scores of big-spending men and women - and even families - travel from across the globe, some even from Britain, to kill them for sport.

Something bad must have happened to these people when they were children, a subject previously posted about here. 

Let me recap this topic in a few simple words.

     Subsistence hunting = OK

     Trophy hunting = sick

Note: I recognize the fact that there probably is a middle ground, comprised of people who hunt, who love the outdoors, who do use the meat they shoot, get no special joy out of the act of killing, and who don't much care for trophies.  But the giraffe people above are over the line.

And the link to Ultrarunning is that I like to think we get a special joy of out seeing live animals in the backcountry, critters that the vast majority of sedentary people will only ever see in a zoo.  That's one of our rewards of this wonderful sport.



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