Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beethoven's 9th...and Ultrarunning

One of my running buddies--who seems about average in musicality and artzyness--sent me a link to a YouTube video.  I usually don't watch YouTubes if they are much over a minute or so, but I clicked it anyway and sat mesmerized for 5+ minutes.
Must be my retirement mentality, of not rushing, of now having time....

I'll let my buddy introduce it:

What a special experience this would be.  Out for a stroll in Sabadella near Barcelona in Spain and a symphony orchestra, accompanied by a popular choir, appears out of nowhere and begins playing Beethoven's 9th Symphony. 
Watch the children's reactions.
It will lift your spirits! 

Here's the link in case the embedded video below does not play.


You really should click it and enjoy.

The link, of course, to Ultrarunning, is music.  While I never use any musical device when I run, I always have music playing right here in my head. 

And I am sure that this symphony will be front and center during my next run.

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