Monday, September 9, 2013

Flower Beds and Ultrarunning

No politics today--I do have a gardening and landscaping hobby as well.

The bride and I are largely finished with a major new flower bed, approximately 120' long by 20' wide.  Here's a view of the last portion still needing to be mulched (all in all I used some 15 cubic yards):


Steps of the process:
  • Sink landscape timbers at ground level to delineate edge with neighbor and to create mowing strip (on left above)
  • Spray Roundup to kill the grass in place
  • Build decorative rock wall (top center of photo)
  • Dig holes and place bedding plants
  • Snake soaker hoses around for dry times
  • Mulch 4" deep
  • Enjoy!

The connection to Ultrarunning?  After several days of labor I am pretty beat and sore from the unaccustomed physical activity.  That tells me I'm out of shape and need to get back on my BowFlex machine. 

Although my legs are in great shape, being toned all over will definitely help me run better.

UPDATE 20 Sep:

Oh, and one other tip that I forget to include: when you mulch, go deep. I use shredded bark that I get by the truckload, and I go at least 4" deep. The mistake many people make is to scrimp on the mulch, going only an inch or two deep...then wonder why they get weeds. 


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