Thursday, May 15, 2014

At the Very Lengthy Meeting...and Ultrarunninng

Yes, indeed, I'm going to throw some more poetry at you.  As I always say, whenever many of us see poetry we can't hit that DELETE key fast enough.

But, read this one, just read it, and see if it resonates with you:

At the Very Lengthy Meeting

by Kevin McCaffrey

At the very lengthy meeting
I actually felt my soul leave my body
and rush toward the ceiling—
and fly around the walls and flare
toward daylight, toward the windows—
to throw silently its impetuous emptiness
against the glass in vain.
It could not go anywhere, the clear moth.

Then it lay on the rug, not exhausted
but bored and so inert that it almost—
though nothing—
took on a hue, stained with all the breaths
and words and thoughts that filled the room:
the yellow-green color of old teeth.

Credit to The Writer's Almanac for 14 May, here.  My coping technique for deadly meetings was to plan my backcountry runs--routes, water sources, timing, etc.  I'd be able  to lay it all out in incredible detail while seemingly taking notes on the meeting.

Also, The Writer's Almanac tells us that on this date in 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition took off from St. Louis, heading west into that vast, unknown wilderness.  Talk about courage--those guys were incredibly brave and adventurous.

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