Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Chambersburg Chamber Opposes Minimum Wage Hike"

This week I read an infuriating article in my local paper (Chambersburg Public Opinion).  The article seems not to be posted in their on-line version, but here's the link to the site anyway.  You can get the gist of it pretty well without actually reading the whole piece.

According to a poll of local Chamber of Commerce members, president Dave Sciamanna stated opposition to raising the minimum wage thusly:

They're very concerned because when you talk about an increase of 30 percent, there's no way they can absorb the cost...they're going to reduce hours. It's going to impact people, particularly younger people trying to get into the workforce. 

The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The proposal is to raise it to $10.10. Here in Franklin County, PA, the article tells us the some 14,000 workers would benefit.

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce has opposed the proposals, claiming that a minimum wage hike would force employers to reduce hours, halt hiring, and cut jobs.

Do you see the option that's missing?  Every time I read an article like this, where it's local or national, it's always "businesses will have to cut hours and reduce employees."

What about the option of you just raise the price of your goods and services?  This is not rocket science, people.  Over time, as the costs of production rise, the price of your product must also necessarily follow.  Duh!

For some reason, you never hear of that option from the's always scare-mongering where the only option is only to cut jobs and reduce hours.  In the meanwhile, millions of people toil away in poverty.

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