Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last Weekend on the Appalachian Trail...

Last weekend my friend Jody and I did 15 miles from Caledonia State Park in Franklin Co., PA, south to PA Rt. 16.

It'd been a number of months since I did that stretch, and frankly, I was bit intimidated by what I recalled of the route.  Turns out my fears were unfounded, as my recollection was that this section of the AT was rougher than it actually was.  I found the trail less steep and more runnable that I recalled, so chalk that up to a plus for failing memory.

Here are a couple of shots taken by Jody of me along this absolutely superb section of the Appalachian Trail:

Under a massive chestnut oak, perhaps the only horizontally blazed tree on the AT

The view from Chimney Rocks

The run was great, the company was great, and I hope to hit this section again real soon.  At about 25 minutes from my home, it's the closest place I can reach the AT.

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