Wednesday, December 3, 2014

God's Answer to the Gold Rush Crew

Last week I posted about the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush.  In that post I was disgusted that the mining crew would shamelessly pray to God for the success of their mining operations, thusly:

Heavenly Father,
We ask that the gold will just pop out of the ground.
Lord that you would show us the good spots.
Bless us and we pray it in your name.

I just looked ahead to upcoming episodes and see that the Discovery producers will close the loop.  This is Comcast's recap of the future episode in which God reacts:

In a move that surprised even Himself, God grants Jack's prayer that "the gold will just pop out of the ground."  All over the Hoffman crew's claim, gold has mysteriously risen to the surface and is just lying on the top of the ground.  They simply pick it up, and without even needing to use mining equipment and processes, are rich beyond their wildest dreams.
And as it that wasn't enough, God personally appears, wearing mining clothes so He won't get muddy, and guides Jack to where the "good spots" are.
Oh, and then blesses all the crew. 

Amen, I guess.

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