Thursday, February 19, 2015

"But It's a Good Kind of Crazy"...and Ultrarunning

After multiple postponements I finally made it to the C+O Canal for a run this morning.  The temperature was in the low teens and the wind was a-howling, yielding a severe wind chill figure, but I decided to program for success and go ahead anyway.

I could easily dress for the cold, and when you're running in the woods, the wind typically is not a huge deal...which is exactly what I discovered.  Nevertheless, it was a cold run under extreme conditions.

I passed a couple of runners/walkers, and to the one guy I made the comment, "You and I are crazy to be out here today...but it's a good kind of crazy."  To which he nodded, behind his scarf and face mask.

As opposed to batshit crazy, like climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers.

Here is what the Canal towpath looked like today with 2" of new powdery snow underfoot.  These were both taken upstream of Williamsport, between Milepost 102 and 103:

Looking downstream, Potomac River on right
Image credit Gary

Looking upstream, frozen Potomac River on left
Image credit Gary

Anyway, I had a WONDERFUL run.  It was pretty much a winter wonderland.

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