Tuesday, February 24, 2015

John West Salmon Commercial...and Ultrarunning

I recently showed this old commercial to Mister Tristan (the 7 year old human being, not the blog), I guess because it's a guy thing, and he loved it.  Of course!

So, in case you missed it the first time around, please enjoy it again.  I am continually amazed at old jokes or videos like this one, that given the passage of a few years, basically become completely new again and experience a second birth.  If the embedded video does not play, the YouTube link is here.

The (very tenuous) connection to Ultrarunning, naturally, pertains to enjoying backcountry experiences.  John West is a UK company, I believe, so the red salmon depicted may be from that neck of the woods.  But whenever I see this commercial I am reminded of Alaska, where I had the pleasure of experiencing several business trips during my working career for the Defense Department.

I was able to get away for some backcountry runs; while none were in such a pretty setting as this river, the runs nevertheless were stunning in their contrast to my everyday runs here in south-central PA.

I did find myself continually looking over my shoulder for predators, though, for man-eating critters no longer inhabit Penn's Woods (unfortunately).

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