Thursday, December 3, 2015

Johnny Blaze vs. Mister Cuddles Kitty

A few weeks back I did a post entitled Most Original Cat Name EVER! about one Mister Kitty, whose official name, as I came to find out, is actually Mister Cuddles Kitty.

The vet techs at the practice were so impressed with this cat's sweet demeanor and personality that they added the "Cuddles" part to differentiate him from any other "Mister Kitty" also seen at that veterinary office.

Well...turns out another extremely sweet and friendly stray cat has entered the picture and was taken to the same vet for a checkup, neutering, and shots.  For whatever reason, this yellow and white kitty has been given the name Johnny Blaze.  These two kitties were adopted by siblings in my family, so this human brother and sister certainly will be comparing notes on their cats.

The staff at the vet practice were besides themselves imagining the first face-to-face meeting between these two cats:

"Hi!  I'm Johnny Blaze."

"And I'm Mister Cuddles Kitty."

Sounds pretty one-sided, doesn't it?  Game over, Johnny Blaze wins without even firing a shot.

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