Friday, January 29, 2016

The Math is Simple

I get it that people want to have the means to keep themselves and their families safe.  That's an obvious evolutionary adaptation that aids in the survival of the species.

But there's that pesky math thingy that can't be ignored:

Thanks to Digby's blog for the image.

Back to the math thingy.  Sure, I will admit that there are circumstances where the good guy with a gun saves the day over the bad guy with the gun.  But overwhelmingly, chances are that the something else will happen...something bad: a toddler finding a gun in a nightstand, kids playing with a gun while the adults are away, an"empty" gun going off unexpectedly in the hands of an otherwise responsible owner.

You may quibble with the actual numbers in the picture above but they are basically right. Your loved ones are far more at risk when guns are in the home.

I will also admit that this risk essentially goes to zero when firearms are secured in a kid-proof gun safe...provide that the "good guys" admit that virtually no one does that 100% of the time.

Sorry, that's just the math.

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