Friday, April 9, 2010

Cats in Art: 122 Year Old Cat in a NIght Cafe

Look under the table, lower left front.

Paul Gauguin painting "Night Cafe in Arles (Madame Ginoux)," 1888, 73 x 92 cm, oil on canvas, now held by Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia.  Photo credit here. 

I ran across this really cool painting in a coffee table book we have at home of famous artworks.  I'm sure that art students and art lovers have analyzed it for all sorts of things, but what I like is simply the black and white cat under the pool table.

And, no, there's absolutely no connection to UltraRunning.

(As an aside, as I researched this post (yes, at least some bloggers do research and don't just post whatever pops into their heads) I encountered some confusion over whose work it is: Paul Gauguin or Vincent van Gogh.

For example, see this website...scroll down to "Night Cafe" and you'll see this work attributed to both Gauguin and van Gogh.  Here's another erroneous attribution to van Gogh.

Seems that van Gogh and Gauguin both painted at the same location and titled their works similarly.  Van Gogh's is called "Night Cafe" and Gauguin's is called "Night Cafe in Arles (Madame Ginoux)."

The two works are discussed here and here and the correct attribution to Gauguin is made.)

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