Saturday, April 3, 2010

Economics and UltraRunning

I'm not an economist but I can follow economic discussion and theory if it's provided in layman's terms. Anyone with half a brain must know by now that at the macro level, this nation's revenues and expenditures are out of whack, and probably unsustainable.

Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest (scroll down on that site to see his post for March 30th, entitled Dear Deficit Commission, It's Not Hard) does exactly that in 4 simple charts, that lay out the deficit, tax rates, Federal debt, and the Defense budget. I can't even steal a quote to insert here because 90% of Dave's post consists of simple charts--and I mean simple as in 6th-grade-understandable--with only a couple of words to amplify.  Here's one of his 4 charts for a teaser:

Please click over there to see the whole post at

Oh, the UltraRunning connection: our leisure time is intimately connected to our financial well being.  We can run if we otherwise are secure in our lives.  And economic security is no longer a given....

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