Friday, April 16, 2010

Tales From The Perimeter: Adult Special Olympics

Perimeter meaning the 6 mile patrol road inside the fence of the military installation on which I work, where some half a dozen of us comprise a pool of running “talent” and strive to show up for a noontime run a couple times a week if we can escape our desks. We share a lot and these guys are one of the core pillars of my sanity.

Never missing an opportunity to bust a running partner, here's my original email flame, based upon CH's running of a 5K charity fundraiser for the Adult Special Olympics:


Didja break 20 minutes for the 5K today? Well, didja, punk?

Surely, you must have overcome this artificial and very achievable barrier.

To do any less dishonors the beneficiaries of this charitable run, who face REAL barriers every moment of their lives.

If not, then you should hang your head in shame, rip up my donation check, and replace it with one from YOUR checkbook.

(who has both technical insight and moral authority to speak of running matters)

CH's reply:


I ran the 5K in 26:31 I think that is approx 8:30 miles. I could have gone a little faster but there was a hot looking woman in front of me...and I had "NO" desire to pass her.

The checks were deposited prior the I would recommend a stop payment ;-)

P.S. Looking at your 100 mile split times, I didn't notice any laps that would be sub 10 miles....and you call that a run?

Gary's rejoinder:

By the way, I am a long-time financial supporter of the Special Olympics.  So much of my adult life has been tied to athletic endeavors and it has immensely benefitted me.  Helping others to achieve success, however defined, is a noble cause.

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