Monday, July 19, 2010

11 Miler on the Canal...and Paladin

Today I got up at daybreak and headed to the C + O Canal.  This particular run starts out in roads and then intersects the Canal. 

I had 2 choices: 6 miles of road, then 12 of Canal towpath, for 18; or again 6 miles of roads followed by 5 miles of towpath, for 11.  I opted for the latter because when I started out at 6:00 am, the humidity was thick.  Quickly I had sweat dripping off my eyebrows, nose, chin, and elbows.  I figured that going for the longer distance would have been unwise, as I have not gone beyond 10 miles for a couple months.

Good decision.  I was done in at 11 miles and very glad I didn't have to death march another 7 miles.  Did see a raccoon up close (30'), which was the wildlife highlight of the run.

Change of gears: Wed morning at 6:30 (that's EDT...not sure if this'll vary in other time zones) the cable channel Encore Westerns will air an episode of Have Gun Will Travel in which Paladin reveals how he became a gunfighter.  This is a show from my youth and I can't wait to see this episode.

See here for a previous post I did on the subject.

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