Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Set Your DVR to "Paladin"

(photo by Gary from the TV, credit to Encore Westerns)

Reminder that tomorrow morning, Wednesday 21 July, 6:30 (that's EDT...not sure if this'll vary in other time zones) the cable channel Encore Westerns will air an episode of Have Gun Will Travel in which Paladin reveals how he became a gunfighter.  I have not seen the episode and am only relying on the Comcast channel guide info, but I am excited about it.

Have Gun Will Travel is a show from my youth, and I recall that it was dark and with some moral ambiguity relating to the fact that the protagonist dresses in black, is a gunfighter, and an antihero to boot.  I can't wait to see this episode.

See here for a previous post I did on the subject.

Also, yesterday I posted on my C + O Canal run and how tough it was.  Today when I ran on the perimeter with my work buddies, I also had a tough run.  It was only 6 miles, but my mutual consent we took 2 brief walking breaks.  Getting old, I guess.

One thing I forgot to mention, that was a plus of the run yesterday, relates to what I'd call the "smugness factor."  Williamsport, MD is a central Mecca for Canal usage--good parking, easy access, etc., so many people park there to use the Canal.  My route was such that I parked at Williamsport but did not start out on the Canal. 

Typically runs on the Canal have to be out-n-backs, but I find that psychologically difficult.  I much prefer a loop course.  So I began my run along the roads east from Williamsport in the downstream direction (Potomac River), in effect running the end road miles of the JFK 50 Miler in reverse.  I then cut over on other roads to intersect the Canal towpath, and then run upstream to return to Williamsport.

By starting at dawn I was returning along the towpath to Williamsport around 8:00 am.  As I approached the town I encountered more and more people coming the other direction (i.e., downstream from Williamsport), people who had just started their run or bike.  And I was just about done, and I secretly had to smile knowing that fact. 

Yup, I was smug.  And I liked it.


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