Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boxed Wines...and Ultrarunning

Over at The Daily Dish, I see where another wine lover has seen the brilliant light that is Franzia’s line of boxed wines.

Yes, boxed wines. Of all places, on a blog that purportedly is about “the softer side of ultrarunning.” Well, maybe that topic qualifies, although I think that beer drinkers may outnumber the wine drinkers among ultrarunners.

The author at the link loves the Franzia Cabernet (but NOT the Franzia Merlot or Chianti...can't say, I have not tried those). I personally prefer this one, the White Zinfandel:

(photo credit: Gary)

I am not a wine expert, but know enough. The bride and I have enjoyed touring many of the wineries in our mid-Atlantic area and even managed a wonderful trip to the Napa wine country in conjunction with a San Francisco trip. So I don’t feel I am taking a risk in recommending this White Zinfandel to you. Your mileage may vary, but you oughta give it a try.

The price in PA for the 5 liter box--when it’s not on sale--is about $18 with tax, which works out to $3.60 per bottle. Plus it is a much greener way to purchase wine (as though you need another reason!).

Try this: after a run you need to rehydrate, and alcohol is a diuretic and worsens the dehydration. So, after you’ve consumed about enough water to replace the sweat, try mixing some wine (why not this White Zin?) with some club soda, either flavored or unflavored, and ice. Sip. Repeat as necessary.

Very refreshing!

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