Friday, January 28, 2011

In Memoriam

We lost eighteen service members in the last two weeks.  From Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars:

The Pentagon has released the names of eighteen service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan:

US Army SGT Ethan C Hardin, 25, Fayetteville, AR
US Army PFC Ira B Laningham IV, 22, Zapata, TX
US Army PFC Robert J Near, 21, Nampa, ID
US Army SSG Omar Aceves, 30, El Paso, TX
US Army CPL Jarrid L King, 20, Erie, PA
US Army SPC Benjamin G Moore, 23, Robbinsville, NJ
US Army SGT Zainah C Creamer, 28, Texarkana, TX
US Army MAJ Evan J Mooldyk, 47, Rancho Murieta, CA
US Army PFC Zachary S Salmon, 21, Harrison, OH
US Army SPC Jose A Torre Jr, 21, Garden Grove, CA
US Army SGT Michael P Bartley, 23, Barnhill, IL
US Army SPC Martin J "Mickey" LaMar, 43, Sacramento, CA
US Marines Cpl Joseph C Whitehead, 22, Axis, AL
US Army MAJ Michael S Evarts, 41, Concord, OH
US Army SPC Joshua T Lancaster, 22, Millbrook, AL
US Marines Sgt Jason G Amores, 29, Lehigh, PA
US Navy PO Dominique Cruz, 26, Panama City, FL
US Army PFC Amy R Sinkler, 23, Chadbourn, NC

Just to pick out one person, I clicked thru to the service member from Pennsylvania, where I've lived my whole life, US Marines Sgt Jason G. Amores, 29, from Lehigh, PA.  Here's his picture:

He was married, with children aged 9 and 3.  This was his third deployment.
An unwinnable war with no end in sight.  I think we'll remain engaged awhile longer, simply because nobody in power wants to be the one who speaks the truth.  Namely, that this was a bad idea from the start, and that all the deaths--despite honorable and dedicated service to their country--have been in vain.

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