Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blues Cruise 50K 2011

Although I blog about Ultrarunning (at least in part!), I only run a couple of organized events a year.  This spring I ran the Capon Valley 50K, and the Blues Cruise 50K is tomorrow.  That'll be it for 2011.

Race web site is here.

This'll be my third running, and I am particularly excited about this one.  The organizers have changed the course from an out-n-back to a one-way circumnavigation around Blue Marsh Lake.  So while the first 15.5 miles will be very familiar to me from previous runnings, the last half will be completely new. 

For that reason--the newness factor--I think the last half will run fast, regardless of the actual terrain.  However, I'm pretty sure that when I say the last half will run fast, I'm speaking figuratively, not literally.  Truth be told, I expect to slow down significantly, but believe that it'll still go quickly and feel fast. 

Mind over matter, you see.  Results on Monday.


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