Thursday, June 14, 2012

Environmentalism...and Ultrarunning

Lest you think that this fall's presidential election doesn't much matter, think again.  Whether you think that this election is a choice of the lesser of two evils, or that both candidates are already owned by the banksters and the 1%, or whatever, in terms of the environment, the choice is pretty clear to me at least.  Via ThinkProgress:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is no stranger to attacks on the environment, as seen in his ads against clean energy jobs, his pledge to roll back fuel economy standards that protect public health and reduce carbon pollution, and the fact that he doesn't know "the purpose of" public lands that belong to all Americans.

But this morning's [9 June] Washington Post sheds more light on Romney's energy plan, including the fact that he would open up "virtually every part of U.S. lands and waters" to drilling regardless of whether they are national parks, national monuments, or protected in some other way.  As the Post reports:

Asked whether any place would be off limits for oil drilling, campaign spokesman Andrea Saul said, "Governor Romney will permit drilling wherever it can be done safely, taking into account local concerns."

Current law sets some public lands and waters off limits to drilling, including national parks, national monuments, and wilderness areas.  These places are protected for other uses like hunting, fishing, sightseeing, and recreation.

Presumably, if there was oil and gas found there, Romney would allow drilling in places like the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Isle Royale National Park in the Great Lakes, regardless of its impacts on them.  In essence, he would take lands that belong to all Americans and turn them over to oil companies.

Thinks about that when you're running in what used to be wilderness.


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