Saturday, June 2, 2012

Guess Who Said It?...and Ultrarunning

  1. "Corporations are people, my friend." 
  2. "...we don't need more national parks in this country; we need to actually sell off some of our national parks." 
  3. "It's long past time for this Administration to stop delaying American energy production off all our shores." 
  4. "Overregulation from EPA is at the heart of our stalled economy." 
  5. "I'll get us that oil from Canada that we deserve." 
  6. "Let EPA go the way of the dinosaurs that became fossil fuels." 
  7. "No one will miss a hill or two." 
  8. "We have to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency."
  1. Mitt Romney
  2. Rep. Cliff Stearns, FL
  3. John Boehner, Speaker of the House
  4. Rep. Mike Simpson, ID
  5. Mitt Romney
  6. Rep. Louis Gohmert, TX
  7. Sen. Rand Paul (on mountaintop removal coal mining)
  8. Newt Gingrich

All these quotes were in a recent fundraising request from the Sierra Club, of which I have been a member for years.  To me, it's a no brainer that any serious user of the backcountry--such as we Ultrarunners--just has to align philosophically with the principles of conservation and preservation espoused by environment organizations such as the Sierra Club.

Yet in certain places in my social circles, even mentioning the Sierra Club--much less admitting I'm a member--is tantamount to saying that I molest children and kick stray dogs.

Somehow it's become chic to want to sell out our descendants' legacy of things natural, wild, and free, as though we can't afford to protect such things.

We can't afford NOT to.

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