Friday, September 28, 2012

Behind Bars...and Ultrarunning

[image credit abardwell on Flickr, here]
I blogged here a few weeks back about one of my pet peeves, the use of the word "blaze" to denote a fire...a term used only by media people, and never spoken or even used by you me.
Think about it: have you ever spoken the word "blaze" aloud?  I doubt it.
Well, here's another example.  Seems that we have a lot of local crime, at least as reported by local TV station WHAG, the NBC affiliate in Hagerstown, MD that the bride and I tune into.  Every single time somebody goes to jail, the newscasters always work in the phrase, "behind bars."
Seems that "jail" or "prison" or "incarcerated" or "locked up" just don't cut it--it's gotta be "behind bars."  If I were a serious drinker, I could have a great drinking game with this one...I'd be hammered before the half-hour newscast was finished.
Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning is obvious: "behind bars" is about as far (literally and figuratively) away from Ultrarunning as one can get.  The freedom of the trail and all that stuff.
I've been peripherally associated with some folks who have done jail or prison time, enough to know that I cannot imagine ever being locked in a cage because of my actions. I want to keep any personal experiences with the legal system totally out of my life.

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