Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Peace of Wild Things...and Ultrarunning (part 2)

I originally ran this post 2 years ago on 4 Sep 2010. I'll repeat it here and expand upon the original thought:

The Peace of Wild Things...and Ultrarunning

Over at Hecate--who, seriously, is a witch--ran across a marvelous post that struck an ultra chord.

...as more and more kids grow up in urban areas, in families who don't belong to the class of people who can afford a trip to see the redwoods or wade along a deserted shore, or canoe down a river, it becomes increasingly important to help them find nature inside urban areas. Although large empty spaces are really wonderful, for many kids [and adults!] a rather small space will suffice. A community garden. A gated alley full of trees, and tomato plants, and pets. A park. A local Nature Center. A tree that becomes a special friend.

Or, we could take our kids and grandkids ultarunning. Fitness aside, our doses of trail running are sweet therapy for our souls or psyches or whatever it is that makes us "us."
Update as of 4 Sep 2012:  I hate to play the "when I was a kid" card, but in the 1950s and 60s, there were TV and telephones, but by and large, you played outside unless it was raining.  Video games and the Internet were but a gleam in somebody's eye.
Now I fear that outdoor play is a vanishing trend, so whenever Mister Tristan (the 4-year old human being, not the blog) says he wants to play outside, we do it, regardless of the weather.

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