Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turnip Flowers for Janet

[image credit PlantCoverCrops]

In a fairly recent trend, I notice where local farmers are planting turnips as winter cover crops.

The pretty yellow flowers did double duty the other day as memorial for Janet Christiansen, a local woman, a murder victim, whom I have previously blogged about here and here, where I wrote:

Janet was murdered in 2005. Her husband, Raven, was charged with the crime in 2010. She left behind a 6-month old, Kaiden, and was pregnant at the time of her death.
She came to my attention last summer when I read in the local newspaper that her remains were to be exhumed to gather additional forensic evidence. Her grave is only half a mile from my home, and I frequently run through the Brown's Mill Cemetery. Once I became aware of the circumstances, I began leaving wildflowers on her grave whenever I would run by. Today was no exception.
I have no personal connection with Janet or her family, it's just that her life, cut short, somehow resonated with me to help make me a better person by NOT taking my life for granted.

Rest in peace.


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