Saturday, July 30, 2011

Janet Christiansen...and Immortality

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Second post this week about immortality.  Wonder if that means anything?

The other day I ran through the cemetery where Janet Christiansen is buried.  I’ve previously posted about Janet here, here, here and here, and how in some way her murder touched a nerve in me, although I have no connection whatever to her or her family.

As I often do, I take wildflowers to place on her grave whenever I run by.  On this day I noticed a lone Queen Anne’s Lace right along the roadside.  The shoulder had been mowed by the township within the past couple weeks and plant growth remained quite low (4-5 inches)…except for this single Queen Anne’s Lace that stood up about a foot or so.  All by itself.  And seen by me just because I happened to glance over at the opposite side of the road.

So I picked it and carried it along the 2 miles or so to Janet Christiansen’s grave.  I placed it there and just sorta stood awhile thinking about life and death, the luck of the draw, and immortality.  I don’t try to communicate with Janet, it’s not that kind of thing.  It's not a weird sort of stalking of the dead.  I just am moved to ponder stuff when I consciously pick a flower and put it there.

Anyway, rest in peace.  Will be back soon.


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