Monday, July 4, 2011

Breaking Bad Marathon

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Nope, not that kind of marathon, that all of us Ultrarunners progressed through on our way to the true enlightenment of running vast distances on trails.

I'm talking about the American Movie Classics cable channel AMC, where the new season of Breaking Bad happens in 2 weeks, on 17 July (10:00 pm Eastern).

The drama is about a high school chemistry teacher (Bryan Cranston), diagnosed with cancer, who takes up cooking crystal meth to provide for his family after his demise.  And he is wonderfully supported by Aaron Paul, who plays an addict and Cranston's co-cooker...and friend.

Despite the obvious criminal issues, both leads are sympathetic characters and show is anything but black and white.  The nuances of right and wrong, the shades of gray, the situational ethics, are right up my alley.

Oh, and the marathon?  I was off this week so the bride and I just finished watching all of last season's episodes again to be primed for the Season 4 premiere.  Can't wait.

We love trail running, but when the time comes for you to park your butt in front of the TV, you can't do any better than this.


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