Friday, April 19, 2013

Of Red-Tailed Hawks and Eagles...

Via Mike the Mad Biologist (which if you do not check out at least a couple times a week, you should), a link to a video on the site 10000 Birds.

The site provides the following introduction:

Pro-tip: If you are a Red-tailed Hawk don’t attack a Bald Eagle on its nest. Such an idea when put into practice will not end well for you.
Don’t watch this video unless you want to see a Red-tailed Hawk getting dispatched by a very angry Bald Eagle.

The key action is immediately at the beginning and is all over but the shouting by 1 minute:


As a lover of birds and particularly of raptors, seeing these two duke it out is absolutely fascinating.

What was the red tail thinking?  If it were human, I'd recommend an nomination for a Darwin Award.

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