Monday, April 1, 2013

Shorts or Tights?

Although it's April Fools Day (I never know whether an apostrophe is called for there), I am woefully uninspired today.  And this is a legitimate post.

The real running question today is whether to go with shorts or tights, as the temp is about 40F.

I used to use the freezing mark of 32F as the dividing line between shorts and tights, but as my pace per mile has slowly raised over the years, so has that temperature threshold. I now use the 40F rule of thumb.

But I do know this, and often use it to argue in favor of tights when the temp is on the bubble: whenever it's 50-50 on tights vs. shorts and I opt to play it safe and go with the tights, I can say that I never have regretted the decision.  Unlike wearing too much on my torso, I have never had the sensation that my legs felt too hot.

For a strong recommendation of Race Ready tights, see my post of a couple months ago (disclaimer: I have no financial interest).


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