Thursday, May 2, 2013

Walking is SO Inefficient

Or, "5 Miles of Walking Vs. 5 Miles of Running"....

Recently (say the past year or so) as I do my beloved Harshman Road loop, I have been occasionally encountering a young lady who walks with a pair of dogs.  The dogs are large--setters of some sort--and she is a brisk walker.  She and the dogs are friendly but focused on their mission of covering ground quickly.

As I run the route I have encountered the young lady and the dogs at various point around the loop.  Because the route has no opportunities for short-cutting, I have concluded that the woman and the dogs walk the whole 5-mile loop.

Which must take them 1:15 or so at 15 minute brisk walking pace.  In the big scheme of things, an hour and fifteen minutes is certainly very doable, but I cannot personally imagine walking that route.  Not that it's dangerous or ugly, it's just that walking that far seem to be SO inefficient.

But I must acknowledge that in my 100 milers, I wind up walking at least 20 miles...but that usually comes in short chunks of a mile or less at a time.  Not 5 miles in a row.  Walking.

I guess the young lady may be looking at me and thinking, "I can't imagine running this loop!"

Obviously, YMMV.


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