Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miracle at Milepost 93

Yesterday I took a long run on the C+O Canal towpath.  Starting from Williamsport, MD, I first navigated some 10 miles of roads, then intersected the Canal at Dam # 4 (Milepost 84).  From there I ran upstream to investigate the section of towpath that was repaired and opened in 2012.

I had my camera along, but kept getting bogged down with stopping for shots.  There were just too many interesting things to shoot: canal historical artifacts, flowers, critters.  I finally got a running rhythm going and told myself that unless God himself came down and appeared to me right there on the Canal, I was going to park the camera and keep on running.

Well, a very short distance later I encountered this black racer snake.  God, being omniscient, must have known that seeing this critter would of course cause me to stop and take some photos.  Ergo, this snake must have been God incarnate.

[Photo of God...all photos by Gary]
I'm thinking about reporting this occurrence to the Vatican.  I seem to recall recently where the new Pope created a lot of saints and recognized a number of miracles.
Here's why I LOVE running on the Canal:
A typical scene
The newly opened section Milepost 84-88
More tomorrow....

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