Monday, June 17, 2013

Cats, Water Gardens, and Frogs

My water garden, image credit Gary
Red water lily and parrot's feather, image credit Gary
My water garden has existed for some 15 years and been a great source of pleasure for what I consider to be rather minimal work.  The bride and I did it all ourselves.
Of course, the cats have always been fascinated with it.  For example, they typically ignore their water dishes and make a beeline to the water to drink there.
The past couple days has brought something entirely new, however: two of the cats have discovered the frogs that live there.  Specifically, Tizzy was spotted running across the yard with a frog dangling from her mouth.  We captured her and salvaged the apparently dead frog...only to see it swim away when we put it back in the water.
But last night's encounter takes the cake.  We were watching Mad Men when suddenly Ca Beere tore across the great room and pounced on a frog.  Yes, a frog.  In the house. One of the kitties must have captured it, brought it inside, and lost it there...until the Ca Beere (re)capture.
Again, the amphibian was successfully rescued and deposited back into the water garden.
Which also brings to mind the question as to why these two cats did not suddenly become princesses after having kissed a frog.  I guess sometimes a frog is just a frog, not a prince.
Please, no comments about this being an object lesson on why cats should not be permitted to roam.  I get it!

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