Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Firepit at Reese Hollow Shelter...and Ultrarunning

[image credit Gary]

We'll be heading up there to the shelter in a couple days for some fun and some minor work, but it'll be nothing like the effort that went into the firepit at the shelter, shown above.  The sun and shade makes for a poor photo, but you kinda get the idea.  These were some BIG rocks, about the limit of manageability in a wheelbarrow (provided we could lift it into the wheelbarrow).

The firepit really doesn't figure into Ultrarunning, but the shelter and its spring do.  It's about a mile downhill from the dry Tuscarora Trail to reach the water source...then the trudge back up to the ridge top.

But the water is mighty sweet and pure....



  1. Nice fire pit, Gary..relative of Mr Tristan.

    This is a bit off the fire pit topic, but this weekend I did some hiking in our mountains. The trails were well maintained but they did go through a meandering creek bed several times. Boulders and or rocks were the passage way across. My hiking companions precariously made their way across the boulders. For some reason I remembered that you run right through stream beds so I did the same thing. It wasn't bad at all. Rather refreshing actually.. :-)

    1. Yes, people seem to deathly fear wet feet, but I've found little or no difference between sweaty feet and stream-wet feet.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Gary, blog owner