Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Miracle at my House: Should I Call the "Miracle Commission"?

About this painting (image credit here):
According to Catholic theology, not only God, but also Satan, can bring about unexplainable phenomena. The Vatican’s theologians therefore scrutinise all testimonies to eliminate the possibility that Satan has been involved in the mysterious circumstances. Only then can the Church regard a healing as a miracle. (Artist: Michael Pacher, Saint Augustine and the Devil, painted between 1471 and 1475)
The miracle at my house occurred on Monday about noon.  I put up 12 strings of outdoor icicle lights...and every single string, and every single bulb, lit.
That has never happened in my decades of outdoor lighting.
I have a call in to the Vatican.  But it turns out that while they are on top of this type of thing, and actually have a "Miracle Commission," it only investigates healing type miracles.  They do not, unfortunately, investigate physical phenomena such as mine since it is NOT medically-related. 
The web site I used for the image above and the explanation of the so-called "Miracle Commission" explains how a phenomenon such as mine isn't really in their purview:
The miracle commission only investigates miracles associated with healing.  The Vatican does not study phenomena such as weeping Madonna statues and bleeding palms. These phenomena are only studied by the Church’s local people. If they don’t find any evidence of cheating, they can believe in the phenomena if they wish.

So maybe I should call the local priest instead.

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