Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cold Day for Trail Work

On Sunday I was up at Reese Hollow shelter and trail, and up the ridge to the Tuscarora Trail, for a bit of trail work.  The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) property adjoins some Pennsylvania State Game Lands, which are open to public hunting.  So I wanted to work on a Sunday to avoid the current rifle season for black bear, and for antlered deer (which will start on 2 Dec).

First a shot of the thermometer at the shelter:

And the mandatory shot of the spring at the shelter, with the vintage dipper hung on a post.  I bought the dipper to leave there, 'cause EVERY spring needs a dipper, right?  I trust that it will not walk off.
I helped install a new trail junction sign and added a couple signs at the shelter pointing to the spring and the privy.  Then I trudged up the Reese Hollow Trail to the Tuscarora Trail on the ridgetop, where the temp was probably 15 F with a stiff breeze.  I did some weeedwhacking using the PATC trimmer with a brush cutting head attached.  Surprisingly, the cold was not a factor; I was well bundled up and was generating a lot of heat via my activity.
Thus another proof of my theory that there is no such thing as bad weather--there is only weather for which you are unprepared.
This was my first experience with a brush cutter and it did a great job on the notorious briars that infest the ridgetop there.  Still have about 1.5 miles to do, but that'll have to wait until say Christmas when the hunters are out of the woods.

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