Thursday, November 28, 2013

Interesting Running Weather...and a Blue Flower

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday the bride dropped me off in Greencastle on her way to volunteer at Mister Tristan's school (the 5 year old human being, not the blog).  I first had to stop at the bank, then ran the 5 miles or so home. 

The east was getting lashed by a big rainmaking storm--the snow remained north of--but the temp hovered right at the freezing mark, yielding a freezing rain that stuck to anything above ground.  Thankfully, sidewalks and road were just warm enough not to ice up.

So, I needed a crappy weather run to rejuvenate my batteries.  See, whenever I run in poor weather, I ALWAYS have a great run.  It probably goes back at least partially to the notion of smugness (you're out there toughing it out while nobody else is).  Regardless, it was a great run.

When I arrived home I wanted to photograph a couple things.  First, a wren house in my front yard that I built from some old chestnut boards, today bearing icicles:

Then on the pergola out back, icicles hanging from the lattice and the outdoor (wet location) fan:

And then this reward.  I 've posted about this blue flower before, but I just love it.  Here we have a flower that I have to think is, well, optimistic, blooming as it does in late fall.  How cool is that?'s blue, my favorite flower color ever.  What a treasure! (I should say that I seem to recall that the name is something with "alpine" in it, so it is a non-native for this area...and explains the late blooming).
First a shot of the clump, then an individual flower (about 1.25" across): 

All images by Gary.  Enjoy your next bad weather run!

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