Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fish Chimes...and Ultrarunning

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, is the day our family traditionally exchanges our gifts.

For one of the bride's gifts I created a set of fish wind chimes using some old silver teaspoons that were my mother's:

[image credit Gary]
Here are the basic steps:
  1. Pound the spoon part flat
  2. Cut off the handle, leaving about an inch attached to the flattened spoon to be the tail
  3. Split the tail using a metal cutting blade on a Dremel tool
  4. Bend the two tail parts into curves using pliers
  5. Cut mouth notch using Dremel tool
  6. Drill hole for the eye
  7. Drill a smaller hole for the monofilament string (first use a piece of string and duct tape to ascertain where the balance point is)
  8. Attach string to fish and hang 5 chimes from cut stick
The link to Ultrarunning is a memory I have of running along the C+O Canal near Dam # 4.  A rewatered section was just full of huge carp, up to say 2' long, just languidly rolling near the surface.  Their day looked a bit more relaxing than my day was going to be.

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