Friday, December 20, 2013

More Good News, Bad News

Yesterday I posted from the Sierra Club magazine.  Here's more:

1.  China rents 5 percent of Ukraine for 50 years to raise crops and pigs for its growing population.

2.  After a major earthquake in Pakistan, a new seven-acre island appears offshore. Within days, visitors find it littered.

3.  In Nova Scotia, a white moose sacred to the Mikmaq people is shot by nonindigenous hunters, who post photographs of their kill on Facebook.

4.  Kolkata, India, where bicycles outnumber cars, bans the bikes to ease passage for the cars.

5.  In an attempt to protect endangered condors from being poisoned, California bans lead ammunition.

Of the above, I guess I am most offended--but least surprised--by # 2 (although 3 is very close).  As my boss once told me at the restaurant where I worked back in high school, "The public is the messiest people in the world."

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