Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wolf Cages...and Ultrarunning

[An endangered Mexican gray wolf, image credit here]

Excerpt rom the National Geographic site:

In rural Reserve, New Mexico, children wait for school buses inside boxy, wood-and-mesh structures that look like chicken coops. The "kid cages" are meant as protection from wolves. But are they even necessary?
The issue is part of a long-simmering political debate, which recently came to a boil in the Southwest when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it wants the Endangered Species Act to cover about 75 Mexican wolves in New Mexico and Arizona. That would make it illegal to kill these wolves—a smaller subspecies of gray wolf—and expand the area where they can roam safely.
Conservative groups, which call wolves a threat to humans and livestock alike, say that would be government overreach. Wolf defenders, who cite the fact that no wolf attacks have been documented in New Mexico or Arizona, call the new kid cages a stunt.

Here in southcentral PA, wolves have been toast for over a century, but I am sure that if they were to be reintroduced, it'd create a shitstorm like it is in New Mexico.  At any rate, were I fortunate enough to actually see another wolf in the wild (we saw wolves in Yellowstone in the winter a couple years back) I would die a happy man.

Which brings me to another post, that of our fair Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeking to establish a bounty for the killing of coyotes.  More coming on that shortly.

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