Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For Those of You Who Keep Giants as Pets...and Ultrarunning

I'm a cat person, myself, though the dogs of friends and relatives are OK to engage with when the opportunity presents itself.

For those of you who keep giants as pets--think canned green beans--I am passing along some product information that I recently ran across.  I do this as a public service here at Mister Tristan (the blog, not the 6 year old human being).

This product will undoubtedly make your life as a responsible giant owner much easier in the housebreaking department:

[image credit Gary]

Note that this is one heroic-sized litter box: scope out the mature, 40' tall trees in the background.  Of course, you'd have to scoop it with a backhoe, but that's a small price to pay for the many pleasures of having a giant as a pet.

The link to Ultrarunning?  Think of how you struggle to complete a 50 mile race, using those puny 4' strides that you may be able to effect when the terrain permits.  On rough ground, of course, your stride length is even shorter.

Then think of how a giant could cover the same course almost effortlessly, using vast strides that are orders of magnitude beyond your anemic efforts, stepping over streams and hills, and covering level terrain with unbelievable speed.

Why, it's enough to make me just want to give up and throw in the Ultrarunning towel.

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