Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Know We Run Beyond 26.2 Miles, But This is Incredible!

The new world's record in the marathon (men's) is now 2:02:57,  just set in Berlin this weekend.  

Wanna feel like a wimp?  This is 4:41 pace, people!

I've blogged about this before, but some years back I was running laps overnight at an American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  I had decided in advance to run 100 laps, and so I executed that plan. I ran well and was relatively fresh when I hit my 100 lap goal, which equated to 25 miles. 

I wasn't spent or burnt out, I simply had no interest or desire to add another 1.2 miles so I could call it a marathon.  I suppose that was the moment when I truly became an Ultrarunner.

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