Friday, September 25, 2015

Appalachian Trail Maintenance...and Ultrarunning

Well, I've reached a life goal that I've had for many years: I am now officially a maintainer of a piece of the Appalachian Trail!!

I've been a volunteer with my local trail maintenance organization--the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC)--for a few years now, but to this point my responsibilities have been for the Reese Hollow Trail and Shelter, which feeds to the area's other long-distance trail, the Tuscarora Trail.

So now I've added another task, that of being co-overseer for the 4+ mile section of the AT that heads south from Pine Grove Furnace State Park in southern PA.  The existing co-overseer, Dan, and I did a walk-thru yesterday with a bit of weed lopping and shelter clean up (overseeing the Tom's Run Shelter is also part of the job).

I've run this section of the trail many times, but seeing it at a walk is a bit different, especially when one's eye is focused upon the work that may need doing, rather than foot placement to keep from face-planting.

[Image credits Gary]

Perhaps 1/4 mile away from the AT through this stretch is the site of a former POW camp used in WWII.  Nothing remains but foundations, but this is just another example of the kinds of cool history one can find along the AT:

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